I walk to sign up because that a brand-new Comcast account online. They asked me for some straightforward billing info, however also asked because that my DOB and SSN, i m sorry I"d quite not give to them out of concern about identity theft.


The claim is the they need it to run a credit inspect (ok, same enough):


But climate wait! there is an alternative - I deserve to pay a $50 deposit instead. Or so ns thought:


They still ask for my SSN! I believed that maybe it was currently an optional field, yet as you have the right to see from the validation message:


So, it would certainly seem the they space not providing me a choice here. Is this legal? room they permitted to require mine SSN just to collection up service?

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Comcast, and many various other utility companies, will ask girlfriend for her SSN and will firmly insist on it giving you numerous times v false answers. I recommend friend ask lock if they have actually an alternative, which castle most more than likely will say no because the person you space speaking v is not supplied to, and/or not trained to give alternatives.

The factor they ask for her SSN is because that doing a credit inspect on you to make certain you room able to to pay her bills - and n situation you don"t - to damage your life by destroying your credit score.

From their "Comcast client Privacy Notice":

What kind of personally identifiable information and CPNI go Comcast collect?

Comcast collects information from you in ~ several different points once you request, revolve on, and use our solutions under one account we create for you. Several of this details is personally i can identify information, yet much of that is not. Us collect specific personally identifiable information that our subscribers furnish to us in connection with the provision of cable service or various other services. In stimulate to administer reliable, high quality organization to you, we store regular business records comprise information around you that may constitute personally identifiable information. These account records include some, but typically no all, of the complying with information...

However, legitimate speaking, lock cannot tie their solutions to your credit transaction worthiness. Lock do provide an alternate when asked around it. Most more than likely they will certainly ask some type of a monetary deposit in stimulate to open the account. This deposit may, or might not, it is in spread across several billing cycles. The deposit is your financial insurance in situation you loss behind on her payments. What need to you do:

Ask castle what is the deposit amount. Deserve to the deposit be spread across multiple bulling cyclesWhat is the time duration that that after that they will certainly return friend the deposit.