Gaara is normally pretty secretive. The didn"t avoid us indigenous collecting 20 Shocking things You Didn"t Know around this Naruto Ninja!

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Gaara is the Kazekage the the town Hidden in the Sand and the previous host that Shukaku the One-Tail beast. If many Naruto fans have the right to agree top top one thing, they can all say the Gaara is an impressive character and deserves all the love. He’s this good mixture of an insanely powerful ninja linked with a fairly young teenager who’s still healing from a traumatic past and also learning to connect with others. He is endlessly fascinating and also wonderfully awesome.

Gaara is more than likely one of mine favorite characters in Naruto, which is funny since I discovered him serious creepy when he was an initial introduced. But once I experienced his backstory, I started to root because that this character. And also once ns saw just how he was trying come change, many thanks to Naruto, ns was cheering that on. He’s this exceptional character who shows that who can adjust their entire outlook on life.

one more amazing thing about Gaara is simply how an effective he is. He has actually quite the mastery end sand, and also his attacks are both brutal and also efficient. In ~ the very same time, he’s also specialized to his people and also is ready to sacrifice self if it way they’re safe. He likewise proves to be critical in the Fourth an excellent Ninja War. If you don’t prefer Gaara, then you’re wrong.

So how much carry out you in reality know around our favorite sand ninja? he is not exactly the most open of people, and his whole society isn’t all the trusting. However over the years, we have actually learned some exciting things about Gaara. So here are 20 great facts about Gaara you most likely didn’t know. Think we missed a few? Be certain to let united state know!


20 fairly The twin Meaning

Gaara does have a bit of an unexplained name. However do you understand what it actually means? The name Gaara deserve to have 2 meanings: it can mean “self-loving demon” or “self-loving silk.” This is in reality really interesting, considering Gaara’s origins and also nature.

Gaara has actually the One-Tail beast sealed away inside his body, therefore he technically could be taken into consideration a type of demon. And also in the beginning, Gaara has such a hate of people and also he just looks out for himself, no caring what happens to others. It provides the name rather interesting. The story behind the name, however, is a bit much more mundane. Kishimoto had actually the name said to that by his editor, who gained it indigenous a ski resort. Currently I’m simply imagining Gaara skiing and also it’s pretty funny.


19 Young and also Filled through Leadership

Each village has a leader likewise known together a Kage. For example, Konoha has a Hokage, and Sunakagure has actually a Kazekage. The eras of the various Kages regularly differ, but the average age for them has tendency to it is in a little bit older. It renders sense; the older girlfriend are, the much more mature and wiser you are (in theory), so for a town to have a young Kage is a little rare.

and also then Gaara come along. He ended up being the Kazekage that Sunakagure (The village Hidden in the Sand) in ~ the period of fifteen. This actually provides him the youngest Kage ever before recorded. If some human being were at first leery of Gaara ending up being a Kage, he proved to be fairly the famous leader. He ultimately earned the respect the the various other Kages and the various other villages and also was instrumental in to win the Fourth great Ninja War.


18 So lot In Common

once Naruto confronted Gaara in combat because that the very first time, he grows to understand him and also see the similarities between the two. It’s through this knowledge that Naruto helps Gaara to start healing indigenous his past and also to begin caring about others. But do you know just how much this two have in common?

Both Naruto and also Gaara had actually tailed beasts sealed away in lock by your fathers. Both shed their mother in infancy as result of the tailed beasts. They were initially feared and also ostracized by their villages, and also both changed their villages’ view of them. Both had actually fathers who were the 4th Kages the their particular villages. Each that them possess the Wind relax as their chakra nature, and also both space the 3rd hosts of your tailed beasts. No wonder these two felt a connection.

Gaara and also his team to be introduced throughout the Chunin exams arc of Naruto. This team contained Gaara and also his two siblings: Kankuro and Temari. The three ninjas were the representatives of the Sunakagure village. And they made fairly the team. Between Gaara’s sand abilities, Kankuro’s master puppetry, and also Temari’s skill with her giant fan, you really didn’t desire to mess v them.

In fact, Gaara and his siblings finished the second Chunin test in record time. No seriously, these three finished the exam (which to be a pilgrimage to the woodland of Death) in 91 minutes, which to be the fastest time ever before in Konoha. These guys really left the other teams in the dust. It’s most likely a great thing the two villages space allies now.


16 The definition Of This Symbol might Surprise You

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one of the iconic elements of Gaara’s picture was the character etched right into his forehead. He apparently etched this symbol right into his very own skin using his sand, after ~ he discovered out his very own uncle make the efforts to death him. For this reason what go the character mean? Well, the actually way “love.”

before he snapped, Gaara make the efforts to success the love of the village, but they turned him away, fearing him. Eventually, he establish that since no one would certainly love him, he would have to love himself, therefore he would just look out for himself and hate everyone else. As a result, he came to be a little of a sociopath, not caring about others and killing civilization mercilessly. After ~ his fight through Naruto, he grows to realize that he must shot to love rather again. The a beautiful irony that the word love is etched into the skin the a teenager who was when the embodiment of hatred.

Gaara definitely didn’t have a really happy childhood, and component of the is actually due to his father, Rasa. Seriously, his father may have actually been exhilaration for great of his village, yet as a result, Gaara gained pretty screwed over (and screwed up). Not only did his dad seal Shukaku the One-Tail in Gaara, yet he then tried to have actually him killed.

Apparently, his father taken into consideration him nice dangerous, and he to be trying to attract out Gaara’s powers. He deceived Gaara right into thinking the no one love him, hoping the would assist him to draw on his power, and also then he arranged to have Gaara killed. There was a full of 6 assassination make the efforts on him, every one of which obviously verified ineffective. Eventually, Rasa quit trying to kill him and also tried to use him instead. It’s all exceptionally messed up.


14 No Sleep because that This Ninja

deserve to you imagine not sleeping for twelve years? Well, reportedly Gaara didn’t. This was likely a contributing factor to his own psychological instability. Apparently, Shukaku the One-Tail would certainly whisper come Gaara, telling him the he would certainly take end if Gaara ever fell asleep. So Gaara nice much came to be an insomniac.

the did gain regulate of the insomnia and also used it come his own strength. Yet yeah, he battled sleep for over twelve years until Shukaku to be extracted native him. There is a short period where the does autumn asleep, which is throughout his fight with Naruto. At that moment, he made decision to permit Shukaku take over and also he fell asleep, releasing the tailed beast. Naruto managed to counteract v his own summoning jutsu, but it to be a pretty extreme battle. Because Shukaku is no longer a component of him, Gaara deserve to sleep now, though we don’t know if he does.

Naruto is among those mirrors that can gain a tiny iffy about death. Sometimes characters will die and stay dead, sometimes personalities will die briefly and also then are carried back, and sometimes dead characters are brought back through a kind of zombie jutsu (yeah, the Fourth good Ninja battle was a little strange). In Gaara’s case, he dropped into the 2nd category.

when Gaara was recorded by the Akatsuki, they extracted Shukaku the One-Tail beast from his body. Unfortunately, this procedure killed Gaara, due to the fact that no jinchurikki had ever survived the process of having their beast removed from them. So just how is Gaara still alive? it was thanks to the older ninja Chiyo, that was likewise the one who sealed Shukaku inside Gaara in the an initial place. With her distinctive jutsu, Chiyo offered her life in stimulate to bring Gaara back.


12 A planned Addict

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did you recognize that Gaara was initially going to it is in an addict? In fact, Gaara’s totality character was going to be pretty different, according to Kishimoto. Also his name went through a few changes since he to be going come be called Kumomaru, then Kotaru, before they settled on Gaara. But they were initially going to make him much younger too.

Initially, Kishimoto to be going to introduce Kumomaro as an upstream seven-year-old ninja who abused substances in order to push himself past his physical limitations. Yikes, a seven-year-old substance addict. It is a small dark, also for Naruto. However Kishimoto made decision to go in a different direction. And then Gaara to be created. Personally, ns rather choose his present backstory than the one Kishimoto was going to do. This is why us rewrite, people!

thanks to Gaara’s distinct abilities, the didn’t really experience lot pain or injury till he was a teenager. The sand acted together a herbal protector, keeping him native any kind of physical injury. As a result, it was incredibly daunting for someone to also land a struggle on Gaara. Well, two people managed to carry out it throughout the Chunin exams.

rock Lee was in reality the first person to land a fight on Gaara during their fight. Many thanks to Lee’s powerful taijutsu and speed, he regulated to punch Gaara, surprising him. This wasn’t enough to defeat him though, and Lee finished up losing. Then Sasuke ended up being the first person to in reality injure Gaara. During their battle, Sasuke used his Chidori technique to break through Gaara’s barrier and cause him come bleed. Understandably, Gaara freaked the end a bit.


10 A Unique an enig Ability

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even Gaara has actually a couple of tricks increase his sleeves. Those that are familiar with Gaara just through the anime most likely don’t know that he has actually a quite special capability that he no use very often. This capacity is referred to as the Magnet relax Kekkei Genkai, and also it enables him to manage iron sand.

This ability was an initial revealed in the manga story Gaara Hiden. For this reason why doesn’t he use it very often? It’s in reality for a pretty great reason. Gaara doesn’t like people knowing about this capacity since it help ensure he stays one step ahead the his enemies. It’s basically a secret weapon. It additionally makes feeling that if he doesn’t need to use it, the won’t, and also his enemies won’t know everything around him. Still, that a quite awesome power.

To be honest, ns don’t think Gaara was ever presented eating food in the anime collection (though I might be wrong). If it was shown, it wasn’t an extremely often. I’m also pretty sure people probably believe that the guy lives ~ above air. But Gaara does eat food, and he does have his likes and dislikes. Despite they might not it is in what girlfriend expected.

according to the databook that you can find on Gaara, his favorite foodstuffs are salted tongue and also gizzard. A little strange, yet hey, you carry out you Gaara. On the flip side, his least favorite foodstuffs are yokan and also marron glace, which space a form of sweet confections. Therefore basically, he no really like sweets in ~ all, and he prefers an ext savory foods. I can respect that.


8 His Hobby might Surprise You

because that someone as powerful and quite emotionally unattached together Gaara, it’s difficult to imagine him v doing daily things or even having basic hobbies. However there room things that Gaara likes to carry out besides fight. And you’d be surprised what among his favorite hobbies is.

one of these hobbies is cultivating cacti. Yep, Gaara actually likes treatment for cacti. For some reason, I find this strange adorable. And also I can see why the likes cacti. He also talks about his hobby and also why that likes the to various other people, which is also amazing. To see this character that was presented as a quite psychotic killer re-superstructure his interest in cultivating live tree is a bit surreal. Yet it shows simply how much Gaara has come.

If friend think about it, Gaara come a long means as far as his emotional and also mental development. The starts out in the series as this sociology killer whose hatred of everything hid a really wounded love from a horrific childhood. However as the starts to open up up and connect through others, we view him turn right into this wise leader who’s willing to offer up his life for his people. That’s fairly the change.

i think the biggest example of his growth is when he comes confront to confront with his father. As he to learn why his father did those things to him, the forgives his father. It is pretty impressive, considering his dad is the factor Gaara had actually such a dreadful childhood. However Gaara just forgives him, saying the he taken that his father was looking out for the village. I don’t understand if ns would’ve been so forgiving. You go, Gaara!


6 He’s A father (Sort Of)

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As far as we know, Gaara has actually never married or had any kind of children, which verified to be a source of are afraid for the civilization of Sunakagure. This was mostly because Temari had married Shikamaru from Konoha. As a result, if Gaara didn’t have any form of heir, the following Kazekage might be native Konoha, i beg your pardon could reason some politics issues. But this all changed when Gaara ended up adopting a kid.

Gaara became a foster father to a young ninja named Shinki. Us don’t know much about Shinki’s origins, but apparently, he’s an extremely fond that Gaara, informing him the his team i will not ~ tarnish Gaara’s reputation. Shinki is skilled in the Magnet release Kekkei Genkai and also a Puppet Technique. Looks favor this kid might prove to be together formidable together his foster father.

Kishimoto talked around Gaara’s look, saying exactly how his very first outfit was actually a little hard to attract often and also keep consistent. So, he changed it up towards the finish of component I, and also I have to say the Gaara looks nice good! It absolutely makes that look a little bit older and more mature. Yet did you know this outfit had a rather exciting inspiration?

Apparently, Kishimoto claimed he took from the movie The Matrix for Gaara’s brand-new look. And also looking in ~ the two, I deserve to see the similarities. Yes sir the high collar, the solid colors and the almost trench coat feeling to it. It’s type of cool that action movies favor The Matrix can even influence anime shows. Currently I desire to view Gaara in The Matrix; that would certainly be so cool!


4 He virtually Tied The Knot

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did you recognize that Gaara virtually got married? Well, it to be a little bit of an arranged marriage. The board of directors of Sunakagure to be worried the if Gaara never got married and also had kids, the following heir to the Kage function would it is in from Konoha because Temari married Shikamaru. So, they arranged because that him to accomplish the mrs they decided for him, Hakuto.

Gaara to be actually okay with most of this since he saw the reasonable in it, and also when that met Hakuto, the genuinely preferred her. But things didn’t occupational out. Well, definition that Hakuto was planning to leaving Suna v her lover and elope. It was complicated, but in the end, Gaara permit them go. I guess he won’t be recognize love anytime soon, yet I think he’s okay through that.

The means the objectives go in Naruto is the S-rank room the highest and also most dangerous, complied with by A-rank, B-rank, C-rank, and D-rank. Most Genins would finish D-rank and also a few C-rank missions. Yet most genin aren’t Gaara. Because he was a young kid, he had actually to fight to survive and was often compelled to end up being stronger the end of necessity. So, he proved to it is in quite capable at tougher missions.

once he was just a genin, which is among the lower rankings in the ninja military, that completed numerous B-Rank missions. In fact, throughout his career, Gaara has actually completed 0 D-rank, 9 C-rank, 8 B-rank, 14 A-rank, and also 3 S-rank missions. Basically, Gaara is who you really don’t desire to fight with since he will mess girlfriend up and make it look like it to be painfully easy.


2 He’s fairly The loving Uncle

This might come as a surprise, yet Gaara is in reality pretty good with kids. He’s displayed to provide a lot of attention come his nephew Shikadai, and also you deserve to tell the loves him. He also becomes a surrogate uncle come Naruto’s kids, Boruto and Hiwamari. They love their Uncle Gaara, and also you have the right to tell he’s really fond the them.

ns think Gaara likes kids because they probably don’t referee him and also aren’t fear of him. It’s most likely a breath of fresh air to be roughly them since they don’t mean anything of the either. They simply love him for who he is, which is an awesome uncle. Man, currently I just want to see more of Gaara communicating with kids; it’s for this reason cute! It additionally makes me glad the he did come to be a foster father.

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one of the things that Naruto does really well is the it provides pretty exciting backstories even to the personalities you might not favor initially. As a result, you can sympathize with any character, also if they’re a villain. And Gaara’s backstory is really an exceptional one.

when we an initial meet Gaara, he seems pretty sociopathic and has this deep hate for every people, but likewise this cold indifference to them. Linked with his exceptional power, he is genuinely scary, and also makes because that a an excellent “villain.” then we obtain to his backstory, and we learn around his destructive childhood and also how he was twisted and in so lot pain. The heartbreaking. I have never adjusted my mind about a personality so fast. And also Kishimoto himself has actually said the Gaara’s backstory is his favorite from part I. Ns don’t reprimand him; it’s important incredible.

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