What room three reasons why Friar Laurence is to blame because that the deaths of the lovers in Shakespeare"s Romeo and Juliet?

There are many reasons one can list regarding why Friar Laurence is at the very least partially to blame because that the deaths that Romeo and Juliet. These are likely the three most popular reason given: 1) the agreed come marry them, 2) he failed to obtain the post to Romeo around Juliet having taken a sleeping potion, and also 3) he left the distraught Juliet alone after finding out of Romeo’s death.

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It"s crucial to remember the Juliet is a 13-year-old girl when the beat opens. She looks to the Friar as a trusted and also reliable resource of guidance. Once she reflects up for she marriage, the great Friar wastes no time:

Come, come through me, and also we will certainly make quick work, ...

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It"s necessary to remember that Juliet is a 13-year-old girl when the play opens. She looks to the Friar together a trusted and reliable source of guidance. When she shows up for she marriage, the an excellent Friar wastes no time:

Come, come with me, and also we will make quick work,For, by her leaves, girlfriend shall not remain aloneTill holy Church incorporate 2 in one. (2.6.35–37)

For a divine man to guide a (very) young girl in deliberately disobeying her parents and to hide the truth from them self is not an instance of offering wise (or holy) counsel.

Friar Laurence likewise uses the couple as a pawn piece to bring around peace in between the families. In act 2, step 3, the Friar is scoffing at Romeo because that so conveniently forgetting his feelings for Rosaline. Yet he seems to have a sudden change of heart in this lines:

In one respect I’ll her assistant be,For this alliance might so happy proveTo turn your households’ rancor come pure love. (2.3.93–95)

He walk on to fist Romeo to relocate slowly, yet his own involvement in performing the upcoming marriage shows no restraint towards caution himself. Instead, he appears to have uncovered a method to bring around the greater an excellent of peace in between the Capulets and Montagues and is willing to threat the well-being of the 2 young lovers to accomplish his goal.

Lastly, where is the Friar"s back-up plan? questioning a young girl to drink a medicine that virtually kills her (but not quite) and risking the entire scheme on questioning someone else to supply the post to Romeo the she isn"t really dead is quite an oversight. He can have take away the blog post himself. He could have sent more than one messenger. He can have stood safety relentlessly outside her tomb. However he does none of those things in one of the many tragic collection of unfortunate occasions in every one of literature.

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But that"s the whole point, right? the has to be a tragedy. The fate the the young lover is written in the stars native the Prologue. Therefore while the Friar appears to be one of the many incompetent holy men of all time, possibly that is written in his stars as well—because he has actually to collection the fated occasions in motion.