Even though The Legend of Tarzan won"t struggle theaters until July 1, the team behind the movie is already discussing a sequel. Ago in April, manager David Yates and actor Alexander Skarsgard met v London journalists to show off part footage and also discuss the new movie, and also while there was plenty the conversation around its put in order animation and what the was prefer for Skarsgard to take on the top role, Yates eventually confirmed that there will certainly be a sequel come The Legend that Tarzan ."We have actually an overview which we’re very excited about,” the manager revealed at the press conference, follow to happy Times. The publication additionally reported the Skarsgard, who underwent comprehensive training because that his function as Tarzan, was fast to joke about the following title: “Yeah it’s dubbed Tarzan benefit weight, or Tarzan eats cake. I composed it!”

Of course, The Legend of Tarzan is currently a sequel in numerous respects. This upgrade on the renowned story begins several years after Tarzan left the jungle and also landed in London, whereby he stays his mam Jane (Margot Robbie) and also goes by the name man Clayton III. Things room pretty chill till Parliament invites him come visit the Congo as a trade emissary, which, surprise, is in reality an evil plot led by the end by Captain Leon Rom, play by everyone"s favorite bad guy, Christoph Waltz. Upon finding out the nasty details the the situation, Clayton Tarzans-out.

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While pan will have to wait and also see how the movie pans out, I have actually a few guesses for what The Legend of Tarzan "s sequel might look like.

Tarzan and Jane realize That manifest destiny Is Wrong and Return to London indigenous The jungle To fight The Power

It"s probably a stretch, yet it"s a plotline the I would certainly love come see.

Jane take away A Cue From an additional Famous Jane


Personally, ns wanna view Jane pull a woman Goodall and write a groundbreaking book on Ape household dynamics.

Tarzan Gets linked To earth Of The Apes

The Tarzan from Edgar Rice Burroughs" publications is actually a big, ol" white supremacist. A sequel could be the filmmakers" opportunity to rotate the tide and evoke some much less violent politics.

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Tarzan Explores The Midwest

The initial Jane is from Wisconsin, not good Britain. If Skarsgard is really searching for a variation of Tarzan that involves food, might I suggest some cheese curds and beer native Madison?

Here"s hoping that Tarzan does and expected and makes a sequel a identify reality.