Believe me: friend don"t really want to be put in the situation, in Memphis, that reviewing the an initial movie produced by Molly Smith, lovely daughter of Fred Smith, the founder that FedEx.

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You particularly don"t desire this job after you"ve checked out the trailer for "P.S. Ns Love You," which promises a cringe-worthy mix the "chick flick" appeal (hunky Gerard Butler, law a comic bedroom adjustment dance in boxers and suspenders) and also fantasy wish-fulfillment emotion (now dead hunk Gerard Butler, dispensing love-life advice from beyond the grave come his widow, boy name Swank).

Fortunately, "P.S. I Love You" -- the feature, no the trailer -- is engaging and also not hard to like, thanks to the expert actors (supporting actors include Lisa Kudrow, Gina Gershon, harry Connick Jr., eccentric cabaret singer Nellie McKay and also Memphian Kathy Bates); glossy photography that includes lovely ar work in Ireland; and the temperate handling of director Richard LaGravenese, who is confident sufficient to permit moviegoers come manufacture their very own tears native this fraught material.

Adapted through LaGravenese and also Steven Rogers indigenous a 2004 "boo-hoo book" of the very same name (written when its author, Ireland"s Cecelia Ahern, to be 21), "P.S. I Love You" introduces viewers come Holly Kennedy (Swank), unhappy as a brand-new York real estate agent but happy as the wife of Gerry (Butler), a "cute, carefree Irish male who sings every the time."

"My mom said it to be a failure marrying you because I loved you as well much," Holly admits. Mom"s concept is placed to the test as soon as Gerry dies of a tumor, leaving Holly a upper heart recluse that spends her days emoting, karaoke-style, come Judy Garland"s performance of "The guy That got Away." (It"s a priest, however, who comically sings together with the lyrics "You scumbag/ friend maggot" as soon as the Pogues" "Fairtyale of brand-new York" is play at Gerry"s fun-filled wake.)

Soon enough, the gimmick of the story emerges: the ever thoughtful (and well-organized) Gerry has written a collection of instructional and inspirational letters to Holly, to be delivered after his death.

The letters store Gerry existing in the story; servant (in his an initial major role since "300") remains present too, as Gerry re-appears transparent the film as a kind of imaginary romantic confidant because that Holly -- a prize of her love, her longing and also her unwillingness to let go of the past. (Even as a phantom, Gerry is handsome and charming; too negative he"s dead, i beg your pardon reminds me the what Joe E. Brown claimed at the end of "Some prefer It Hot": "Well, nobody"s perfect.")

Gerry"s letter encourage Holly to return to the company of living. Lock mandate her to buy a new bedside lamp; to go the end on the town v her girlfriends (she takes follow me the customized urn that consists of Gerry"s ashes for a night of dancing in ~ a happy bar); and to take a trip to Ireland, whereby she meets a potential romantic interest, Gerry"s guitar-strumming "best mate" (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Even prior to the pilgrimage to the Emerald Isle, man Powell"s score is awash through the lilting sound of ireland pennywhistles. What really specifies this together a "chick flick," however, is when Holly complies with her husband"s advice come "find that point that renders you choose nobody else," and also that point turns out to be: making shoes.

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Produced by 26-year-old Molly Smith, Andrew A. Kosove and also Broderick Johnson for 10-year-old Alcon Entertainment, a firm financed by Fred Smith, the movie is dedicated to Windland smith Rice, Molly"s sister, who died of a hereditary heart disorder in 2005 at the period of 35, leaving a feet in Molly"s life similar to the one left by Gerry in Holly"s life in the film. The dedication reminds united state that even a commercial film such as this one -- a movie that will be treated as disposable entertainment by many reviewers and also audiences -- can be extremely an individual and meaningful for the people affiliated in the creation.