And, although i was terrified of the evil Witch and also hid behind the sofa for she parts, ns loved the town hall the film together a child.

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There to be something completely magical around the transformation from black and white to colour.

And, what colour the was.

Dorothy doesn’t just dream in colour, she dreams in Technicolor. The depth and saturation and the colour palette the eyepopping shades the red, green and also yellow created an enchanting and emotional addition to the story.

And that leads me into what I want to talk around here, i beg your pardon is just how the use of particular technical tools in a work of art, such as colour, can assist to guide us come suspend our disbelief and enter into the story being told.

Suspension of shock is a term created by the Romantic poet, Samuel Taylor Coleridge and in the 21st century has concerned refer come the willingness that the audience to collection aside their understanding that they space watching a film, or a play, or a show, and enable themselves come be brushed up away into the story, even if us dimly check out the puppeteer pulling the strings.

When Dorothy steps through the sepia door and onto the really very yellow brick road, we understand instantly that we are in the kingdom of the fantastical. And, if we are willing to allow ourselves the freedom to go in addition to that journey, we may forgive any failings that costume or special effects.

We recognize the wool is gift pulled over our eyes and we don’t care.

What, i hear girlfriend ask, does any kind of of this need to do with photography and “Tales indigenous the Moors Country?”

I’m so happy you asked.

I produced “Tales from the Moors Country” for all adults who were in a comparable position come me, as soon as I functioned in the City (yes, i was a stockbroker for 7 long, long years). I developed this human body of occupational for world who wanted more magic and enchantment in your lives, human being who remembered fondly a time as soon as their imagination was more easily engaged.

In doing so, i employed specific techniques to communicate that magic and also imagination to mine audience. Localised saturation of specific colours, a basic softness the is inexplicable to many photographs, and improbable motions all serve to clearly show the viewer the this is not an alleged to it is in real. This is a storybook world.

And yet.

The question I to be asked many often around “Like Ghosts indigenous an Enchanter Fleeing” is “Were the pipeline actually there, or have actually they been included in later?” plenty of of my other photos provoke similar questions.


It’s one understandable question. Yet every time who asks it, what a fairy drops dead and a little piece that me dies. Because I recognize I have actually failed.

I have failed in my project to remind you of a time when life was more enchanting. A time as soon as it didn’t issue if the story was genuine or not. A time when you danced and sang without me consciousness.

I have failed in my job to remind you that your very own creativity, your own imagination. I have failed in my task to remind you of the devices you have that assist you to confront a life that is so lot more complex than we wish it was.

I have failed in my task to stay concealed behind the curtain.

Just like Dorothy in the Emerald City, us don’t actually want to check out the guy behind the curtain. Because, when we do……we recognize he can’t do our desires come true. We know that that can’t transfer us anywhere, that he’s just a man and also not yes, really a wizard at all.

Reality is overrated.

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After see the wizard because that what he important is, Dorothy find her own power to return residence to she sepia world and vows never ever again come wander beyond her very own backyard. The implicit in the film, if no in the books on which it is based, is that she will certainly marry a Kansas farmer, start popping out kids, and never again dream in Technicolor.

For my part, ns would fairly my ruby slippers take me ago to Oz, or come Narnia, or come Wonderland, fairly than earlier home. Ns would fairly dream in Technicolor. I would rather suspend my disbelief. Ns would fairly talk around the why, quite than the how. This is why i will often disappoint those that ask me exactly how I have accomplished a specific effect. Since seeing the male behind the curtain means it’s time to walk home. And I want you to remain a tiny longer v me. And also you desire that too, don’t you?