I"m looking for a pejorative word that explains one that cares only around their own, and also others" appearances, and also cares nothing because that personality to the point of obsession. Something the fits in like: "The son had actually inherited his mother"s ______". Shallow is not words I"m looking for - the wouldn"t exactly fit in that sentence (and shallowness appears a little awkward).

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Vanity is the closest word I need to a fit, however it only describes an excessive treatment of oneself, and not others.


I think shallowness is simply fine, yet here"s one alternative:


1 the top quality or state of being superficial


"The son had actually inherited his mother"s superficiality."



..."to the suggest of obsession", huh?

I suggest...

vestiphilia (unnatural attraction to clothing)

Or if you"re ready to berate them further:

cacophobia (phobia the ugliness)

Sorry, i can"t uncover exact meanings that accomplish your requirements, however given the suffixes, the interpretations are self-evident.

What I can provide, however, is evidence of usage:


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