A reader asked if there were part easy-to-remember spelling pointer for handling words finishing in -ence and -ance.

Both endings derive from Latin nouns.

Words native Latin nouns finishing in -entiaaffluence native affluentia, “abundance”audience from audientia, “a hearing”benevolence from benevolentia, “good will”continence native continentia, “self-control”diligence native diligentia, “accuracy”

Words native Latin nouns ending in -antiaelegance native elegantia, “neatness”petulance native petulantia, “forward conduct”significance from significantia, “an indication, a sign”vigilance from vigilantia, “watchfulness”tolerance indigenous tolerantia, “enduring”

Here are some of the most usual English words v these endings. The only way to spell castle correctly–apart from utilizing a order checker–is come memorize them.

Words finishing in -ence:absenceaffluenceaudiencecoherenceconferenceconfidenceconscienceconsequenceconsistencecorrespondencedependencediligenceevidenceexistenceinfluenceobedienceoccurrencepatiencepersistencepreferencereference

Words finishing in -ance:acquaintanceallowanceambulanceannoyanceappearanceappliancearrogancedisturbancedominanceextravagancegrievanceguidanceignoranceinstancenuisancerelevanceremittanceresistancesignificancesubstancetolerance

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2 Responses to “Words ending in -ance and -ence”

lisaon January 19, 2014 9:37 pm

Another alternative is to institution yourself to express -ence and -ance distinctly and also differently. As soon as they sound different it is less complicated to store them directly – they are not in reality the same.

venqaxon January 20, 2014 1:59 pm

lisa: Wellll… correct they are. If that approach works because that you come remember i beg your pardon is which climate by all means, perform it. Those species of tricks deserve to be an extremely helpful as soon as memorization is required. But the collection in both instances are schwas. Unstressed collection sounds denoted with the upside-down e in pronunciation guides (no idea exactly how to make that symbol top top here. I’ve watched others execute it). So, if friend did tension them in your actual speech as sub-STANCE or ab-CENTS you would certainly be do a pretty influenced spelling mispronunciation that could be as just as negative as the misspelling..