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"I hope You Dance" is a crossover country pop track written by mark D. Sanders and Tia Sillers and also recorded by American country music singer Lee Ann Womack v Sons of the Desert. (Drew and Tim Womack of sons of the Desert space not regarded Lee Ann). The song, which was featured on Womack"s 2000 album that the very same name, got to number one top top both the Billboard Hot country Singles & Tracks and also Hot Adult modern-day Tracks charts, and also reached number fourteen on the Billboard warm 100. it is taken into consideration to it is in Womack"s signature song, and it is the just Billboard number one for both Womack and Sons the the Desert. "I hope You Dance" winner the 2001 CMA, ACM, NSAI, ASCAP and BMI awards for track of the Year. It also won the Grammy award for best Country Song and also was nominated for tune of the Year. "I expect You Dance" is ranked 352 in the list "Songs that the Century" compiled by Recording industry Association that America (RIAA). "I expect You Dance" got to its 2 million sales mark in the United says in October 2015, and as of respectable 2016, it has sold 2,093,000 digital copies in the US.more »

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I hope you never shed your sense of wonderYou acquire your to fill to eat but constantly keep the hungerMay you never take one solitary breath for grantedGod forbid love ever leave you empty handedI hope you quiet feel tiny when you stand next to the oceanWhenever one door closes ns hope one much more opensPromise me the you"ll give confidence a fighting chanceAnd once you acquire the selection to sit it out or danceI hope you danceI hope you danceI expect you never are afraid those hills in the distanceNever resolve for the route of least resistanceLivin" can mean takin" chances, but they"re precious takin"Lovin" might be a mistake, but it"s precious makin"Don"t let part hell-bent heart leave you bitterWhen girlfriend come close to sellin" out, reconsiderGive the heavens above much more than just a passing glanceAnd when you gain the selection to sit it out or danceI expect you dance (time is a wheel in consistent motion always rolling united state along)I hope you danceI expect you dance (tell me who desires to look ago on their years and wonder)I hope you run (where those years have gone?)I hope you still feel small when friend stand alongside the oceanWhenever one door closes ns hope one much more opensPromise me the you"ll give belief a fighting chanceAnd once you gain the choice to sit it the end or danceDanceI expect you danceI expect you run (time is a wheel in constant motion constantly rolling united state along)I expect you danceI hope you run (tell me who wants to look back on their years and also wonder)I expect you dance (where those years have actually gone?)(Tell me who wants to look back on your years and also wonder)(Where those years have actually gone?)

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Lee Ann Womack Lee Ann Womack (born august 19, 1966 in Jacksonville, Texas, united States) is an American country music singer and also songwriter, that is ideal known for she old fashioned-styled nation music songs the often talk about subjects such as cheating and also lost love. Her 2000 single, "I expect You Dance" was a major crossover music hit, getting to No.

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1 on the Billboard nation Chart and also the peak 15 that the Billboard hot 100, becoming her signature song. Much more »