Chemical reaction: ClO⁻ + H₂O → HClO + OH⁻.ClO⁻ is base in this chemical reaction and water is acid. According Brønsted–Lowry acid–base concept base is compound the attracts proton (H⁺) and acid (in this chemical reaction water) offers protons.Ke =  · / .

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- equilibrium concentration.

Acid basic equilibrium deserve to be represented as:

ClO⁻ + H₂O > HClO + OH⁻

In this ClO⁻ reacts with water molecule the is H₂O, to form HClO and hydroxide ion the is OH⁻.

The equilibrium consistent can be represented as:


In equilibrium continuous represents concentration of HClO, while represents concentration of and to represent concenytration that ClO⁻.

Acid-base equilibrium reaction in between and also is together follows:

Further Explanation:

Equilibrium is the state in ~ which concentration of reactants and also products execute not change with time and becomes constant. In ~ this condition, the price of forward reaction becomes equal to the of behind reaction.

Consider a general equilibrium reaction as follows:


A and also B space reactants.

X and Y are products.

In this reaction, sign of equilibrium shows that the price of front reaction is equal to the price of backward reaction. In various other words, development of X and Y is well balanced by the consumption of A and B.

isamphoteric in nature that suggests it can act together both acid and also base. Together an acid, it deserve to donate hydrogen ion in options whereas it can accept hydrogen ions due to presence that lone pair ~ above it and also acts prefer a base. But is a weak basic so

acts as an acid as soon as reacted v . accepts hydrogen ions donated by molecule to form HOCl and also as a result,
is likewise formed.

Acid-base equilibrium reaction between and is as follows:

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calculation of equilibrium constant of pure water at 25°C: complete equation because that the dissociation of (aq):

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Answer : The acid-base equilibrium reaction between and also will certainly be,

Explanation :

Acid-base equilibrium reaction : the is identified as a state of chemistry equilibrium the exists once the both types of conjugate acid-base pair are present in the solution.

In the reaction, an mountain donates a proton to a base and also to produce a conjugate acid and also a conjugate base in the solution.

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The acid-base equilibrium reaction in between and also will be,

In this reaction, is a base and is an mountain that donates a proton come a basic to create

as a conjugate acid and also together a conjugate base.