I prefer thrifting, and I've always kept one eye the end for a nice racing wheel if I'm out and about, they need to be the end there right? This week I discovered one, a virtually brand-new Xbox 360 Wireless gyeongju Wheel with, shockingly, all the components for $20. It to be a small dusty, but looked proper used, i was pretty sure it was computer compatible. Because that $20? I'll bite. Plus, this was ultimately a reason for me to shot out AC.

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I plugged the in, it powered on and it centered itself. Nice.

First, you'll require to connect it wirelessly come your computer (there's no USB option) using a proprietary item of ms hardware, luckily I had actually one. The wheel connects come the PC, wirelessly, there is no issue.

In AC, you select the X360Default preset in the controller options, the last one top top the list.

As much as I deserve to tell, AC treats the wheel together a handheld 360 controller (left pole axis bound come the steering wheel, left and right triggers bound come the pedals). I found this steam thread discussing the settings that few of the much better controller football player use. I collection the progressed controller options in AC to complement those in the thread and also it instantly felt better.

One big difference in mine config, steering gamma requirements to be dialed under as low together it will go or something really close to it. Doing this provides a lot an ext fine regulate near the center position. The number in the heavy steam thread needs you to rotate the wheel pretty much off center to gain minuscule input. Making this adjust I shaved 4.5 secs off my personal best lap time the very first time i tried it. Not as well shabby.

Be sure to save your settings as a preset, you require to load it every time you boot the game.

As a wheel for people who desire a cheap advent to sim racing, it's difficult to beat. You deserve to have a decent, entry-level sim racing wheel/pedal equipment for around $50 (wheels ~ above eBay are about $30, the wireless 360 dongle is $20 or therefore online).


An inexpensive, responsive, solid feeling wheel that AC doesn't support natively, but nonetheless does assistance with some straightforward in-game setup tweaking.

Since the video game thinks the wheel is a handheld controller, it sends rumble commands, i m sorry is reflected in the wheel. The FF is weak, yet it's absolutely there. Essentially, you're getting (mild) FF on a wheel i m sorry was never ever meant to have it ~ above PC. Also, not as well shabby.

The construct feels solid.

Supports various other games. (Tested with Dirt Rally, functions great, no configuration needed. Will test v others.)


Shift up/down, handbrake room mapped to confront buttons. I'm okay v this due to the fact that I'm just learning just how to play.

Some buttons don't seem to occupational at all, in spite of having mappings in the game.

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Manually setup up the wheel isn't possible. Remapping buttons can be possible through modifying config files. I haven't experiment this.