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Ich wünsche schreiben "Du schaffst es schön"

Vorher mein Autokorrektur macht "Schafts" genau sowie, mit "s" als Groß. Wir alle wissen, keinen Verben sind sowie, deswegen habe ich gefragt.

Aber jetzt der Autokorrektur macht zwei "f" wenn ich um eine kontraction machen versuchten. Und alles klar damit, aber ich habe noch eine Frage bitte. Ich habe vergessen, great schön und schon zu nutzen. Ich glaube da oben ist falsch, oder?

Auch, wenn ich immer noch ein Kontraktion machen würden, würde es sei einfach, "Du schaffst"s schon!"?

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asked Aug 21 "15 in ~ 9:13

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schön - beautiful, lovely

schon - already, yet, before

"Du schaffst das schon" / "Du schaffst es schon" - room both valid in this case.

"Du schaffst"s schon" - the shouldn"t be supplied in formal written conversations and also its only rarely offered in informal spoken conversations (as stated by guidot).

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I"m indigenous Berlin and we would vary the saying into

"(Das) Schaffst du schon."

"Das" can be left out. That renders it sound a little an ext colloquial than "Du schaffst es schon", possibly that is what you want to achieve with the "schaffst"s" contraction.

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And I completely support the concept that you should switch turn off the order checker, because they very, an extremely often suggest a various word than the one you have in psychic - you must recognize what you desire to write! i don"t desire to placed you off, I understand snucongo.org is difficult to discover - however to be ethical - i just construed your question through guessing and also imagination. Please execute not usage the order checker in ~ this phase of her language learning, you"ll only make that harder for yourself. You"ll gain far better understanding the end of reading and writing exercises.

However, your spelling checker has a thesaurus behind it, therefore it supposed well ;) just in situation you wondered: what it to be trying to indicate was the slate of engl. Shaft